In just over 20 years Gulf Coast Hyperbarics has become the world leader in the design, production, installation and servicing of hyperbaric chambers for clinical and medical use. GCH has distinguished itself by satisfying the most varied and demanding client needs with turnkey customized solutions, delivered through personal service and unrivalled expertise.

Clinical healthcare providers, including the US Army, NASA, and NOAA have turned to GCH time and time again for its superior understanding of hyperbaric technology, its innovative solutions, and reputation for getting the job done on time and within the budget constraints.

GCH Products and Services:

Double-Lock Rectangular Hyperbaric Chamber
Check out this new 12-patient double-lock rectangular chamber system.  This innovative chamber has a number of new state of the art features designed to make hyperbaric treatments more pleasant for patients as well as medical staff.  Click Here for more details.

Cylindrical Hyperbaric Chamber
Our Cylindrical Chambers are designed for ultimate safety and patient comfort as well as ease and simplicity for the operators with the absolute minimum in maintenance. From several color schemes to comfort seating have GCH design one for your needs.  Click Here to read more.


Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber   
The Monoplace Chamber is designed as a 6-atmosphere system, capable of pressurizing with 100% oxygen or air.
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